I’m a research scientist at Samsung SAIT AI Lab Montreal (SAIL Montreal). Furtheremore I did a post-doc at Mila with Simon-Lacoste Jullien. My current research is focused on optimization algorithm for machine learning models with big data.
Before joing Samsung, I was Phd student at University of British Columbia under the supervision of Mark Schmidt where I was a member of Laboratory for Computational Intelligence. My Phd research was mainly about stochastic variance reduced methods for convex optimization.

Research Interest

My main research interests in machine learning are stochastic optimization algorithms for ML models, min-max problem, and deep learning. My current projects are mainly about:
  •   Stochastic optimization algorithms with variance reduction
  •   Min-Max game optimization for deep generative models
  •   Generalization of otpimization methods
  •   Reinforcement learning


Here is my current resume.